Getting Started


Cost Saving

Available money-saving plans for every job staffed by KMH.

Time Saving

Short-term and long-term staffing
solutions based on what the client needs.


We ensure all staff deployed by KMH put safety above all else.


All KMH staff are licensed for their assignments, ensuring strict accordance to quality.

Professional Service

All KMH staff go through rigorous vetting processes to ensure professionalism from start to finish.

Reasonable Cost

Professional and reliable, KMH staff service is always exceptional,
and at reasonable costs.

Safety First

We work Efficiently and Safe

Reliable, Competitive, Versatile

Help Mitigate Costs

KMH Services provides a container rate quote, as compared to the hourly charge of other companies.

Staff Training

We provide training for businesses who are looking towards long-term staffing solutions.

Long and Short Term
Staffing Solutions

No job too big or too small. We provide staffing solutions to suit all employment needs.

Containers Packing
and Unpacking

We provide flat rate quotations for packing or unpacking shipping containers to provide efficient and reliable service at reasonable costs.

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Forklift and Production Workers

Forklift and production workers from KMH Services are all certified and carry the appropriate licenses to ensure the safety and efficiency of the workplace, all at extremely reasonable costs.

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Looking for Work?

If you’re versatile, dynamic and believe you have what it takes to be a part of KMH, send us your application and we’ll be in touch shortly.

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